Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Sorry - time to chat...

Check out this video from last Sunday's game:

KC wolf tackles rawdy fan

If you would like to see a better video, visit The Kansas City

That's funny - his 15 minutes of fame...mmmmm. No, I won't do it at the next game....

Off to bed now. That is if I can sleep with the elephants walking around above me!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Un-American I know

Most people that would view this video would comment that this is completely Un-American. However, I would have to disagree. We have a National Anthem for the United States of America. In America, we spend Saturday's watching College Football/Basketball. We spend Sunday's watching Nascar or football. All of these things are American. In fact, I would say that as Kansas City Chiefs fans, we are combining our American pride with our pride in our football team. You make the call. I will tell you though, when I go to the games, I am ALWAYS disappointed when I am not in the stadium to join my Sunday Arrowhead Stadium Warriors to chant 'CHIEFS' when the singer says "...and the home of the...". I will tell you, if I'm not in the stadium, I shout it where ever I may be; even if that is at home.

Home of the Chiefs!!

Now, I simply need to find somewhere I can watch it this Sunday so I can join the KC faithful in that chant. So far no luck with a location. I might end up listening to it on my computer. If anyone knows of any where in Phoenix, Arizona that I can watch the game, please let me know!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who should I start?

Another typical day at work that I would rather not go into this evening. It will really only make my head hurt and cause me to lose focus.

Instead, I would rather look at the exciting world of Fantasy Football. I must admit that the sport is quite exciting. I hate to admit that I spend way too much of what little free time I have looking at my team. I even have to have the darn laptop set to on Sundays to 'watch' as my team scores and beats out the other team (or doesn't). Let's analyze this week and who I have to work with.

At quarterback, I pretty much have a no brainer when it comes to who I am going to start: Tony Romo. I have Damon Huard as a backup for that one week out of the year when Tony is off. He might do me some good for that one week. But let's face it, his performance to date for the Chiefs has not been up to the standard he set last year when he was Trent Green's backup.

At running back, I have Jamal Lewis and Tatum Bell. Neither are great options and against my opponent this week, I am a 3-point underdog. However, my only other running back is Ahman Green. While I back the Husker-background 100%, he has moved to a team that is sub-par when it comes to their running game. If he proves me wrong, then I will look at adding him back to the line-up.

At wide receiver I have Andre Johnson, Isaac Bruce, and Vincent Jackson. I am a 6-point underdog in this category. However, at backup is Amani Toomer. He is playing for a Giants team who isn't really using him to his fullest potential. I'm going with the fantasy analysis this week and benching him.

At tight end I have Tony Gonzalez. This is a no brainer people. It doesn't matter who I have backing him up; Tony G starts!

My kicker is Jason Elam of the Denver Broncos. While I do not condone having a Bronco on the team, I must admit I am happy to have such a veteran player in at kicker. I can think of several times that he has defeated Kansas City by just a few points with a simple kick. When it boils down to it, he can get the job done. **This is not an endorsement for the Denver Broncos, merely a statement of fact and in no way changes my true feelings for the ponies over on the other side of Kansas!

My defense is where I am really torn. I am a 3-point underdog in this category no matter which team I start. I can start the Oakland Raiders but seriously, they are playing Cleveland who just scored 51 points in their last game against the Bengals. I don't know that they can get the job done. Kansas City however, is pleased to have one of their best players return to the line-up; Jared Allen (who was suspended and has done his time). I think in this case, I go with MY team and hope they pull off some great stuff against Minnesota in the home opener.

I'm currently 1-0-0 (one win, zero ties, zero losses) against a team that is 0-1-0. My coach rating is 100 which ties me for 1st. I'm 4th in passing, 5th in rushing, 7th in receiving, and am 10th in defense (I know I lack). I don't think I have anything to complain about after my first week's performance.

I've messed with the starting line up trying to find the best possible combination; which still puts me at a 6 point underdog. However, on any given Sunday, you never know what is going to happen. Maybe all of the players on the other team will get suspended for fighting or something...


Above Water?

I'm drowning...seriously...

Work - so much to do and absolutely no time to do it. I find I have to spend 4 or 5 hours at night going through all of the emails and communication in order to keep up. I don't remember signing up for 60+ hour work weeks for such a low wage? What happened to the days I could go to work, sit at my desk for 9 hours, and then go home and forget about it? I'm contemplating change but what change? I see a light on the horizon that moves me to a state I've been wanting to move to for some time now. Do I take that? If I do, will I only find a different lake to drown in? At least the pay would be closer to what I wanted to be making as I head to the peak of the thirty-something hill...

School - with no time at work, where do I find the time for school work? I get 6 to 7 hours a sleep at night; I function best on 8 to 9. I see the benefit of obtaining the degree but where am I making sacrifices that I shouldn't be (sorry honey...I can't pay attention to you right now...I'm working on work/homework...AGAIN)? I want it but is the price worth it if there is no one to share the joy?

Home - clean but at the cost of having freedom for a social life. I feel like I need to get it done but am losing the energy. My drive is already gone to do most things that I once enjoyed (welcome to menopause). I don't want to get up in the morning and work out any more; I'm too tired from all of the other activities. My husband sometimes thinks I don't love him - which is definitely NOT the case. Maybe it is more mental than physical but the brain wants to do things the body just doesn't feel like it. Maybe that is why I am losing interest in the things I once enjoyed so much...I need a shrink!

Social life - non-existent. I simply do not have the time, energy, or money to be able to spend time doing things I love. I want to be able to play pool, fish, geocache, hang out with friends but where do I fit that in to the remaining 10 hours when I really just want to hang out at home and do nothing but be a vegatable? I also have to pinch pennies so much right now that I can't afford anything but vegetation. It's frustrating...

Throw me a bone...why didn't someone tell me that growing up was going to be so difficult? I certainly would not have signed up for this!

The pity-party is over. I feel better. I think I will shut it down and call it a night and begin the rat-race again tomorrow.

I miss you Mikey!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Travel Fun

Leaving the house a little early because I need to get gas. I always seem to be just about to empty when I go to the airport. The little warning light always seems to come on just as I pull into the long-term parking lot. When I get home, I have to hope I can make it to the nearest gas station that doesn't charge airport prices. This time, I am going to be ready.

I stop at the gas station and begin to pump the fuel. As I lean into the card to place my payment method back into my purse, I hear the familiar ring of the phone. My husband is calling to give me the run-down on the hearing he was just forced to attend. Some positive, some negative - not something I really wanted to hear. As I finish pumping the gas and begin my trek to the airport, he begins to tell me how the entire event played out. I listen intently waiting to hear the positive part. It comes and goes with little fanfare. The negative weighs heavy on my mind - and his as well. We will make it through - I have faith. It will be a matter of doing it together - which we will!

I arrive at the airport parking garage and drive around looking for the spot closest to the door. I get 30 minutes so I hate to use it parking and walking. Suddenly, a spot opens up. I speed around the corner to make sure no one else comes around the corner and steals my opportunity. I grab the baggage and lug it down the tunnel, up the escalator, and to the checkin line. Luckily, it is short today. I place the big bag on the scale first; hoping that the number is less than 50 as it appears on the digital display. 46. Thank goodness. The other bag is smaller so I know it will fall well below. The lady places the routing instructions on my bag and mutters something about the gate. Seems like she was having a bad day but not really my problem. I lug the bags over to the guy who will go over them with a fine-tooth comb. I rush to get back to my car before the clock strikes 30 where the parking no longer becomes free. I make it back out into the sunlight just in time.

I now have a few minutes to spare. What do I do with that time? I need to stop for BBQ for Justin (a friend in Phoenix who LOVES his BBQ). I promise it every time but this time, I think I can do it. I speed down the highway to the spot I hope will have the restaurant I need. Smokehouse BBQ. Oh thank goodness. I enter, place my order with the friendly lady at the counter, and then I sit down. Four minutes pass and there is my order; bagged and ready. WOW! I grab the bag and drive to the airport, all the while sending Justin text messages to let him know I will be bringing him his dinner. He lets me know he is excited.

I pull into the long term parking lot and take a spot close to the normal location - B4. It's an easy one to remember for me - something about parking B4 I leave...stupid I know but it is one of those things that helps me as my memory fails me more and more every day. I wait for the shuttle bus; which actually arrives in a very short amount of time. This trip is going fantastic so far!

I'm the only person on the bus. The driver felt the need to chat. I hate that. But I'm not one to sit there and remain silent when being spoken to; I wasn't raised that way. We chat about the storms that seem to be headed straight for us. The clouds were very dark and ominous. I know my plane is going to take off...I'm having a fantastic day!

I arrive at the terminal, hop off the bus, and head on in to run through the regular security routine. Luck would have it there was a short line! No problems getting the food through. Funny how you can take food through but not beverages. What's up with that? I take my spot third in line for the cattle line A through the Southwest gate. I wait while the people that are on the plane get off and those that have special needs get on first. One of these days I'm going to borrow some lady's kid just so I can preboard.

I get my normal spot on the plane; close to the bathroom. I have such a small bladder now that I never want to be stuck inside by a window toward the middle of the plane. Sitting close allows me the ability to grab an opening at any time; it comes in handy! The rain begins to fall as we are boarding. No big deal. I have been on planes while it has been raining before. I pay no mind. The plane begins to back out, the little kids in the row in front of me begin to get excited - it was so adorable! We taxi forever since we have to drive to Iowa in the plane in order to take off toward Phoenix. I see the big white lines on the runway - we are next to take off. I open my book and begin to read, paying no mind to my surroundings; I never do.

Then, the pilot chimes in to let us know that all planes have been frozen in place until the storm passes. I look out the window. Storm? Are you kidding? It took about two seconds past that thought for the Heavens to open up and begin to pour buckets of rain on us. A couple of times, I swear lightning hit the plane. This sucks. All the while I am listening to the flight attendants trying to keep control as people get up to use the rest room or grab a bag from the overhead bins. Time goes by slowly when you really don't feel like doing what you are doing. I can't even turn on my cell phone to chat more with my husband about his day.

After 45 minutes, the plane begins to move. The pilot lets us know that we have been cleared for takeoff. Thank God! He also mentions as he is speeding down the runway that the flight is going to be rough. He wasn't kidding. The kids in front of me were shouting as the plane went up and down; almost felt like falling out of the sky at times. (I wonder if that is what the feeling is like to parachute). Suddenly, a passenger shouts out "Welcome to Magic Mountain!". The entire planes bursts into fits of laughter. A great description for this ride!

After about 30 minutes of the roller coaster, the pilot comes on to let us know that the roughest is over. He will now turn the seatbelt...I tune it out. I turn on the Zune and start a movie I have seen a hundred times. I watch it all the way through as I have done in the past; mostly because it is mindless yet enjoyable.

An eternity has passed but we finally begin our decent. FINALLY. The next is fairly mundane. We land, I pee, I smoke, I get my baggage, I board the shuttle to the rental car facility. I walk to the executive section of the facility to discover there are two avialable cars. I get the pleasure of driving a Chevy Malibu for the next 10 days; Oh Joy!

I take Justin his food for which he is greatful. We spend a few minutes with the normal chit chat and then I head off to the hotel. As I am being checked in, I request a first floor; hoping I don't have to take the dreaded elevator every time I need a break. Remember how I said this was a lucky day? I got a first floor right by the door. AWESOME!

The time difference kills me. I feel right now that it is almost midnight. Oh is. I better call it a night as I have to spend tomorrow adjusting to AZ time.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Constitution Day

I'm trying to get ready to go to Phoenix tomorrow so I don't have much time to sit and write anything out. However, I did want to share a fun little linl with you regarding the United States Constitution. You have to check it out - take the little quiz and see how you do!

Of course, have to give a plug to the Alma Mater!

Off to pack...


Sunday, September 16, 2007

How I Spent My Sunday

Man! That sucked! Chiefs 10 Bears 20

The text messages started rolling in shortly after the Chiefs game started:

Dave: "your going down"
Jennifer: "Whatever! Bad challange..."
Jennifer: "Do u have im?"
Dave: "no...i am at a sports bar"
Jennifer: "O...u lose!"
Dave: "bad challenge..."
Jennifer: "Now...we score..."
Dave: "no...this is where u throw an interception"
Jennifer: "Funny...what bar? I need to know for next weekend" (I will be in Phoenix next weekend for work so I don't get to go to the home opener)
Dave: "famous sams not far from my house"
Jennifer: "Is that where u always go?"
Dave: "yeppers...they have all the games on...and bears are normally on the big screen"
Jennifer: "Cool. Do they have wireless for fantasy?"
Dave: "yep"
Jennifer: "U r my new best friend...@ least after this game"
Dave: "haha...we are both sucking again"
Jennifer = no response
Dave: "this is where we score"
Jennifer: "Its early...score only matters when the time is up"
Dave: "wow...sweet points..."
Jennifer: " to busy yelling @ the tv"
Dave: "same here...good yelling though"
Jennifer: "Mine is not"
Dave: "wow...and time isnt be good"
Jennifer: "Im winning fantasy rite now..." (132 - 78)
Dave: "oh i wish i could check mine"
Jennifer: "TD!!" (The ball was taken from one Chiefs player right out of Tony G's hands)
Dave: damn wasn't my fantasy player"
Angie Calls: "So are you at the game?"
Jennifer: "No, it's in Chicago"
Angie:"Oh, I thought maybe you were there and I could hear the crowd cheer."
Jennifer:"Na - just me yelling at the television."
Angie:"Cool. Well, I'm bowling. Talk to ya later."
Dave: "i have gonzales...he was robbed"
Jennifer: "I do to...damn it"
Patrick: "Robbed. Get with it mewes" (Patrick is a HUGE Packers fan; he hates Da Bears)
Jennifer: "Im yelling as loud as i can"
Dave: "that was your xmas present"
Jennifer = no comment
Patrick: "Last chance. Plz score"
Jennifer: "I have all my lucky garb on..."
Jennifer sends a text to Dave/Patrick/Chris: "Da Bears still suck :o)"
Dave: "yeah...we do"
Patrick: "Amen"

That's it. I'm too depressed to type any more. Actually...I need to get some dinner and finish up on some homework...


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Go Big Red!

We're going over to Danelle's tonight to watch The Husker's kick some bootie...

Danelle sent me a really cool email the other day that discusses one person's perspective of the Husker spirit in the great state of Nebraska. It is AWESOME! It makes you feel proud to be a Husker!

Check it out:

I'm off...


Friday, September 14, 2007

Give Yourself A Fun Name

My sister-in-law sent me an email last night that just cracked me up! I love my Stripper Name...

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car)
Brownie Pontiac
2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie)
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
3. YOUR FLY Guy/Girl NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name)
4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal)
Red Dog
5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)
Susan Osmond
6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)Mewje
7. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The" + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink)
The Yellow Bailey's
8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)
Harry Melvin
9. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy),
Heavenly Twin Bing
10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother's & father's middle names ),
Jeanne Harry
11. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher's last name, a major city that starts with the same letter),
Dennis Detroit
12. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday, flower)
Christmas Rose
13. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you're wearing right now + 'ie' or 'y')Strawberry Flip Floppy
14. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree),
Oatmeal Maple
15. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: ("The" + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + "Tour"),
The Bracelet Tornado Tour

LOL - gotta go!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Furniture

Last night I showed pictures of the furniture I got such a great deal on. The furniture was in the apartment of the girl I got it from. Now, it is officially in my house and it is even better than I thought! There are four chairs with the table but because of the way our dining room is set up (and the fact that there are only two of us) we only have three around it. Check it out!

Topos is trying to get used to where his blanket is located. He should still fit but he hasn't figured it out yet. I'm sure he will...I hope!

Alright, back to school work.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Check this out...

So last night I mentioned a dining room set and the fact I got a really good deal on it. Well, I have the photos that I took last night to show to Mike so I thought I would share. We are going to pick them up tomorrow night and I'm so excited (I love new crap!).

The table can actually be used inside or outside as patio furniture; which I like so in the future I can move this set outside should I find a more appropriate piece for inside.

There is also an end table and a lamp that she is giving us to take. Nice because I have a free one we have been using for several years. In fact, I believe the end table we have now came from the college dorm from when I was a Freshman at Midland!

Finally, there is a nice set of shelves to go with it as well. The baskets underneath that you see go with. I'm not quite sure where we are going to put this piece as we are a little short on space in the living room. But I am sure we will figure it out!

That's it. $1300 set for $150...and it is only 6 months old - in great condition. I kind of feel bad taking it for such a great price...but she HAS to move and can't take it with her. I guess God wants me to have it...

I best get back to reading...


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It isn't over after all...

So a girl at work is selling her dining room set she bought from Pottery Barn because she is moving to Portland, OR. She bought the set 6 months ago brand new for $1300. I'm not paying nearly that amount. Anywho...I went over there to get some pictures of it to show Mike. When I got home to download the photos, I discovered a few more from the vacation. You know I have to share!!

I knew there was another sunset photo!

Topos is patiently waiting for us to pack up and get out. He can't handle being on this chain any longer!

Mike is the best tent folder I have ever met. He makes sure that everything is cleaned off and folded perfectly!

It always amazes me that we get everything back in the truck after we have drug it all out!

Close to where we had lunch the final day - a one-lane wooden bridge. I have a video of driving across it. You should see Sedona when we do it...another post perhaps??
The dogs are hanging out during our lunch stop. They were very happy for the shade; they were pretty beat by the end of the day!
A view of Truman Lake from the visitor's center bluff top. Worth the stop if you are ever near Warsaw, MO.

An eagle catches a fish in the visitor's center at Truman Lake. If not for all the might think it was real.
That's it. I better get onto some homework around here...

Monday, September 10, 2007

This is fun!

I found this web site that just cracked me up. You can see the song that was the #1 hit on a certain date; such as the day you were born or the day you were married. Says a ton about you if you look at it right:

For me, the day I was born, the #1 hit was Chuck Berry's "My Ding-a-ling-a-ling". Since I'm must have fell of! My 18th birthday was Mariah Carey's "Emotions". Go figure...I was an emotional wreck! My 30th birthday was Rowland's "Dilemma". Can't say that I had much of a dilemma at the time...I had just gotten married. On that day, the number 1 song was Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This". Now just how sweet is that??

Alright, I'm done slacking today.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Vacation Fun - Closing the book

I'm watching football and quite frankly, it is painful to watch. I figured I just as well blog...

So every day of our vacation was beautiful! The sun shone every day and we were able to watch the sun set! I got some really pretty shots so I close the vacation blog series with some sunset photos!

I'm going to try and occupy the rest of my afternoon with some cleaning and yard work. Hopefully the Chiefs will pull it out here and I can have a happy night...they better pick it up though if they are going to make it happen.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Geocaching Fun (as part of vacation fun)

Part of our vacation was spent doing some hiking and geocaching. Because of Mike's feet, we don't do as much as we use to. Luckily, we have walking sticks that provide a little support and help him to keep up as much as he can. We found a total of 15 for the weekend; which isn't bad considering there weren't very many around the lake!

Mike reaches looking for a cache at a park.

Mike is down on the ground searching out the cache.

Mike finds one and pulls it out of its hiding spot.

Topos takes a break from caching...

During lunch we stopped by the river. Of course Mike had to give the fishing a shot!

Taking a break after hiking to a point on the lake.

Me and Sedona checking out the view.

No, we aren't thinking about swimming!

Watching the sunset from one of the bluffs after finding a cache.

Now we are taking a break to swim! They both hate swimming...although by the end of the trip, I think we had Sedona convinced that swimming made her feel much better in all of the heat!

Wet dog!

Getting ready for the evening with a fantastic camp fire!

That's all for today. I need to finish up my homework so we can go over to Danelle's and watch the Nebraska/Wake Forrest game.


Friday, September 07, 2007

The Vacation Lives On!

After visiting Bothwell Lodge, we headed on further South to Warsaw, Missouri. Warsaw sits just off of the Truman Lake area in the Ozarks. Mike's mom lived not far from Warsaw when he was much younger; before the dam and Lake was completely finished. As you cross the river in the middle of town, you notice that there is a very narrow walking bridge; a swinging bridge if you will. Mike remembers driving across it when he was very young. If you look at the pictures, I think you will agree that is just plain crazy!

View up the River from the swinging Bridge.

Mike is looking for fish over the edge; yes...he sees some - he always does!

View back toward land.

After the fiasco of trying to find a camp site, we set up camp. This was the most perfect set-up we have ever had with this tent. We were concerned about setting it up on gravel and driving the stakes in; however, I think the stakes were in the best this one time.

Mike setting up the tent.

The only thing about big parks for camping is that the dogs have to be chained up while in the parks. Neither one of them really care to be chained up all that much. However, they did very well. In fact, by the end of the weekend, we weren't keeping them on there all the time - they were too tired to do much of anything any way!

Sedona watches as Paw Paw sets up the tent.

Topos enjoys the sunset from the camp site.

The tent up and the sun going down, we build a fire and call it a night.

I would post more but I really need to get to work...


Thursday, September 06, 2007

More Vacation Fun - Photos

In order to continue the feeling of vacation well past the vacation, I am going to post the photos that should have been going with each day. I didn't post them while we were out there for obvious reasons!

These photos are from our tour of the Bothwell Lodge ( Definitely stop and take a look. It only costs a couple of dollars for the tour and if you are even slightly into old, historic buildings than you will certainly enjoy the tour!

View of the back-side of the house. This is the side you see from the road up in the bluff.
View from just inside the front door.
Formal Dining room. Even though this table only seats 10, Mr. Bothwell could handle up to 35 house guests by setting up tables throughout the home. Any more than that, and they were seated outside. He also only had one staffed kitchen person so too many and she couldn't keep up.
Here is why she couldn't keep up! The kitchen was very small - yet had all the luxuries that a modern kitchen could have at the time.

This was in the basement - or his workshop. Located just to the back of the basement and under the house was a cave discovered while building the home. This is where much of the limestone to build the house was pulled from.
Library area. All but a few books belonged to Mr. Bothwell. You notice the ones that didn't because they were definitely not masculine!

View from the upper level of the home.
Top floor of the spiral. This was NOT the attic yet Mr. Bothwell's office area. You could also get to the roof from this room.

Music room. Mr. Bothwell married only once to a musician and artist. She died at a young age. He purchased the player to play the piano after his wife died. He decided it was easier than learning to play piano!

An old fashioned 'talk box'. This one actually still works even though it only picks up one station!

Listen carefully - you will hear that it is indeed on a station!

One of only 3 original paintings by Mr. Bothwell's wife is hanging in the home. She was very young when she died (I remember 35 but I don't know that for sure) so you know she had to have done more. However, no one knows where the other paintings might be.

View from the front of the house looking toward the highway.

The house was built in several phases. The plans actually show this area as being enclosed with more rooms. However, Mr. Bothwell died before it was completed and no one wanted to make changes to the home after his death.

View from the side of the home looking toward the highway.

Mr. Bothwell built a seperate cottage for (I believe) his brother. This is a private residence so you can't get any closer (and there was a dog that didn't seem to keen on Topos and Sedona) so this is what I could see.

This is the garage - it also had a loft area in it. We were not able to see inside as it looks like it is just a storage area now.

This was simply amazing. You expect to see some extravegant home lavishly furnished when you pull up and yet it is very simple and elegant. The fact that he died and willed the home to his friends until only 5 of them remained and then willed it to the state shows how humble I think he really was. It was well worth the tour!

I need to go get dinner now and start on homework...