Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm a Celebrity

Okay - so not really. However, I found a fun web site that allows you to find out who you resemble most from Hollywood. The original photo is from the Holiday party in Phoenix this year:

Then, you can see who I most resemble in this collage:

And as if that isn't enough - you can see me morph into Jenna Elfman - you know - the one from Darma & Greg:


If you prefer, I'll morph into Elizabeth Shue (which I think I look more like any way):


Oh - what fun on a Sunday morning!

I'm going to try and do a little cleaning before the game starts...hoping for at least the final game to be a win...


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


In a little bit different fashion and WAAAAAY out of the normal 'tradition', Mike and I spent Christmas in Kansas City this year. We spent Christmas Eve with Mike's Dad & older brother in Sibley. We had a very enjoyable time and received one of the best gifts of the year (and the first gift we have gotten since we got married from his dad and I think that is why I think it is so great); a framed photo of Enno & Carol together.

This morning, I made breakfast (the english muffins Danelle gave Mike on Sunday and some bananas - nothing special). I read the nativity story from the Bible and lit the advent wreath (FINALLY ALL OF THE CANDLES!) and we enjoyed our mealk. We then shared our gifts with one another and the dogs. You can share in the fun with a couple of videos that we shot:

We have a couple of movies to watch and some oyster stew that needs to be eaten. Later, we are headed up to Kent & Kim's for the evening...For now - have a very Merry Christmas!!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Day B4 Christmas Eve

I thought I would share a video sent to me by my sister-in-law. This should help motivate you as you finish up your Christmas shopping :o)

I'm done with my Christmas shopping so I don't need motivation. Instead, we are going to meet up with Danelle and shoot some pool today. See what happens when you get your shopping done??


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa wasn't available

I bet y'all thought I had fallen off the face of the earth because I haven't posted for so long. So much travel in the past two weeks so I haven't had time to log onto the computer for anything but work. We were at my sister-in-law's house for Christmas the other day. You have to see the video of Santa calling my nephew Zane (5 years old). Cutest darn thing! I have to see if I can come up with the other side of the conversation but here is Santa's:

I'm going to go find a quick cup of coffee and head to bed. The week is almost over!!


Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas in Phoenix?

I am in Phoenix for work again and someone asked me today if was ready for Christmas. When I left KC this morning, the weather was to take a turn for the worse later in the day for ice and snow and whatever else can happen when the temperature drops and moisture is in the clouds. With the snow and cold weather, I was getting ready for Christmas. Now that I am in Phoenix, where the temp at 7:30 at night still hovers in the 50's, I'm not so sure. Luckily, my aunt emailed me a link to remind me that I am. Check it out:

One of my favorite Christmas songs!

I'm going to finish up a couple of work details and then take it easy the rest of the night. Getting up at 3 AM Arizona time makes for one tired lady...


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An Interview With God

...think about this for a moment - holding the hand of God...

Not much for talking tonight...just going to be a vegetable on the sofa.


Monday, December 03, 2007

How Creative Is This??

Someone emailed this to me and I have to share:

Off to bed!


Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Very Cold Day

The normal Chiefs Home Game Sunday routine today - except we didn't have to actually work today. Long story short but we got our tickets today without having to work. So we were able to actually tailgate. With the exception of a little wind and the temperatures dropping from the mid 60's to the mid 30's by game time, we had a blast! We had a nice canopy tent that really helped to block the wind for us. We should have known the game was going to be a bust (The Chiefs lost to the Chargers) when the gril wouldn't work. We didn't let that get us down having a great time though. A few photos for your viewing pleasure:

Mike getting out of the cold into the tent

Willie was the only one that had to work - we made sure to keep him company from inside the tent!

Holding up the tent to keep it from blowing away!

Steph shows off her Santa hat...with her stocking cap on underneath.

We had a great time but now I think I am going to take a little nap!