Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Donkeys Went Down!

I haven't taken the time to blog and quite frankly, I'm pretty tired right now so I won't be able to blog much. However, I do have to follow up on the Tony G post from the other day. The Chiefs won on Sunday and I have been riding the high ever since. The Broncos fans are all walking around here with long faces (total pun and you can boo if you wish). Well they can get over it! However, Tony G ended up 1 yard shy of Shannon Sharpe's record. The good news? They play this coming weekend and I'm pretty sure Tony can get that yard. So Shannon Sharpe?? Too bad!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Memory Brought Back

I'm in Omaha, Nebraska. The air is thick and making sitting outside chilly. My hair is frizzy because the moisture makes the natural curl come out even after I spent hours making it straight. It is so foggy I can't see where I am driving in a city I used to know so well. My allergies are back because it is that time of the year here in the Midwest. The Western horizon shows nothing but a flat mass of nothingness.

Did I really live here for so long? I guess I seem to have forgotten.

I love being close to family: dinner, hanging out, chatting up all that is going on in life all face-to-face rather than via a blog or a chat window. A short drive and I can go shopping with my sister and a few extra minutes (okay an hour) and I am sitting in my childhood living room watching satellite television with my parents. A little further and I'm hanging out with my younger brother again. I miss that I will admit. I'm seeing all of those little babies growing up before my eyes, but from a distance. My nephews are taller than I...I wish we could all be closer but I don't miss ALL things Nebraska.

Actually, I miss the mountains...


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something for next Sunday

Everyone keeps telling me that they hope the Chiefs pick up the pace on Sunday and go ahead and beat the Broncos. While I am always hopeful, this season appears to be a little tough to keep that optimism. However, there is something that I would LOVE to be able to see this Sunday. That is the following to come true:

Chiefs nine-time Pro Bowl TE Tony Gonzalez (10,011) needs just 50 yards to surpass TE Shannon Sharpe (10,060) for the most receiving yards by a tight end in NFL history. He needs just four more yards against the Broncos to become the first tight end in league annals to own 1,000 career receiving yards against three different franchises (Denver, Oakland and San Diego).

How cool would it be for Tony G. to get this record against the team Shannon Sharpe played for so many years?? That would be something to write home about.

So here's to Tony G. getting the record and hopes that the Chiefs will beat the team that seems to think they are good...but are in fact, just lucky.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rock Star Parking

The day started early: so much to do in a short amount of daylight hours! We loaded up the car and headed to the South. After a short detour through the Starbucks store in Castle Rock, CO, we headed up into the front range mountains. We of course had to take the scenic route via CO 67. On the route, we stopped at a cute little mountain gas station and were greeted by a sweet couple willing to offer us some fantastic homemade cinnamon rolls (for a small fee of course!). They were almost as good as Grandma use to make! We continued on and enjoyed the drive through the mountains to Woodland Park. The approach to Pike's Peak Highway proved to show the road was open to the summit. We paid the price and we began the slow, winding trek to the top. We have tons of photos, however - the videos are the best!

So what is with the blog title you say? Everywhere we went today, we got a parking spot right in the front; we didn't need 'the moms' parking pass. It was fabulous! We figured that meant today was the perfect day!

Well, we both need to pack as we fly out tomorrow: Danelle back home and me to Omaha for work.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

A little tough to golf...

We took Danelle up into the mountains today. If you will notice the photos, there are elk standing out one of the golf courses. Quite the specticle!
When I'm not tired, I will write more about our weekend but I figured Mom and Dad would get a kick out of the photos!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They Lost

Thanks to my generous husband and the benefit of having friends in somewhat high places, I was able to go to the Chiefs home opener in Kansas City this past weekend. What a great time; even though the team managed to lose the game against Oakland. Here are a few photos that tell the story nicely:

A little airbrush action...

Waiting for tickets to the game after working hard!

Such a cute couple :o)

Fans waiting to enter the stadium. Look at all the red!

David Cook and his brother sing the National Anthem.

I didn't get the entire singing of the National Anthem, but I got the end (which is the best part) and the fly-over.

They are losing already...

Herm does not look happy...

...but neither do the players.

Saying thanks for safety while praying for a win next week!

I must get some sleep...


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Race Day Photos

The race at The Garden of The Gods! AMAZING! I would say if I weren't living in Colorado, I would make it a point to travel here just to do the Race for the Cure at this venue. I have a few photos to share. The first is the view of the start of the walkers for the race. The runners are going past us on the left so we were chearing them on to complete. If you notice, the walkers go to the right. Yes, that is a giant hill that we must walk up. The people that run this have some serious stamina!
Lisa had the bunny ears on! It was classic! Her kids were also walking with us. The video is of them bobbing their head to the music at each of the stations along the route.
Along the route, we stopped for a photo of the group of us who walked together. Lisa, and her two kids are on the left, Me, and then Jeannine.
Lisa and Jeannine on the hill toward the finish line...
Here I am, crossing the finish line. 3 Miles/5K of up and down...
Here is the UOP crew. Wendy (middle of the front in the black) ran the race. The rest of us walked :o)

We had a great time. I'm glad I went back down for the actual race. Next year, I'm betting the Pooches walk will be longer and I won't have the energy!
Mike and I went out after the race and played in the mountains. However, that is a post for another day!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Pooches in Pink - COMPLETED

THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON WHO HELPED MAKE THE EVENT A SUCCESS!! Sedona and I raised over $600 to help fight Breast Cancer! Not to mention, we ended up being the number 5 fundraiser out of over 300 doggies! I think that's pretty good!!
In case you are wondering why I am so passionate about the race and finding a cure, a friend and co-worker of mine died about 5 years ago of complications from chemo. Since then, my sister-in-law and best friend's wife have gone through chemo and won the fight. There are many reasons I walk but these 3 rank at the top of my list. A week ago, my mother asked me to also include a friend of hers on my walk. I made sure to wear my sign proudly during the poochie walk (as well as race day):
Sedona and I arrived just a little early so we could walk around to all of the tents and see what types of fun stuff we could find. We got so many doggie treats, that she was pretty stuffed by the end of the day!
There were doggies everywhere. I heard over 200 pre-registered and then 300 the day of the race. You only get to see a few in this photo as we lined up to race:
Since this was the first year for this event, the race length was relatively short (probably only 1/4 of a mile. We walked around a short little track pretty much in the area you see. I took a picture of Sedona while she was walking on the dirt road:
At the end of the quarter mile, they had a watering station. The dogs got a drink of water from a frisbee while the owners got cups. The frisbees were a bright pink just like Sedona's collar. This picture is just before the watering hole:
Once Sedona and I made it all the way around, we had a professional photographer take our picture. Since Sedona hates the camera, we will have to see what comes of it. This is the one I took of her waiting in line:
We stuck around for the awards and a raffle drawing but we didn't win anything. Of course, since we only got to walk about 1/4 of a mile, Sedona and I decided to go ahead and walk around the Garden of the Gods to check things out. (Turns out, we walked much of the same path that the runners would run for the actual race.) Next year, we will most definitely do it all again. Hopefully, the walk is just a little longer so we can be sure to get our exercise, too!
We took a tennis ball to Topos since we were not able to all go. He seemed pretty happy with it so I think it was a good choice by the little girl!
Mike and I did go to the actual race the next morning but that is a story for another day.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Two Days Left!

Good Evening Everyone!!

Only two days left before the Pooches in Pink at The Garden of The Gods! If you have not donated or jumped on board to race/walk, what are you waiting for?? To make a donation, click here.

I mean seriously, how can you resist this face???

Take a quite minute to donate to this awesome cause! Unfortunately, I fell off of the top 5 fundraisers for this event. I'm not far behind though so a small amount will help! It would be so cool to see my name on that list again; the donation I received for $.56 even helps so don't be shy!!

I will have pictures of the race posted for you in just 3 short days!! After that, I won't bug you again for at least 6 months :o)

Mit besten Grüßen,

Monday, September 01, 2008

More Like Home...

I know it is Labor Day and the point of the day is not to labor. However, I spent the day making this house look more like our home. I have pretty much unpacked every box that I am going to unpack. The rest of our is either in the storage space in the basement or in the garage (which is a project for another day!). I decided I would show Mom and Dad just what it looks like with our stuff somewhat organized. The rest of you will have to come out and visit!

Our office/living room in the lower level.

The dining room. Notice the new place mats I picked up at a garage sale (they are leaves!)

Living room - no sofa yet - but if you know of a nice one cheap, I'm game!

The bedroom. No bedside tables other than tv trays. Again, if you know of any...

Another bedroom view...

Lots of pieces missing but this house is much bigger than our last one so it is a little more difficult to fill it. The good news is that Mike is working and so we are slowly getting ourselves back out in front. We simply must remember that all that we have means nothing compared to the gift of Jesus Christ! All that I have belongs to God!

I'm going to go play around with some scrapbooking.