Friday, February 29, 2008

Home Sick

Last night, Mike forwarded an email to me from a friend of ours that on a normal day, would have truly been an awesome site to behold! However, last night, it made me feel quite home sick. I watched it and just cried. I'm not saying you will; that is something you have to decide for yourself. Check it out:

Jeannine is taking me out to do some site-seeing in Colorado Springs tomorrow so I think I better get some rest.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

To my love - I love you more than anything! Even though we only spent dinner together today, it was all I need as a gift from you!
For everyone else - you have to see what I did for Valentine's Day. I have before and after photos from my's amazing what a little elbow grease (and degreaser soap) can do!

The photo below is the 'before' photo. You will see there is a yellow spot of grease on the wall:

Here is the same shot 'after'. You will notice the grease is gone (mostly):

Here is a zoomed out photo. I think this would work well on the listing for the house!

Here is the other side of the kitchen. It wasn't as 'greasy' but still needed a good cleaning.

It almost looks in there like I repainted. It's awesome! I'm pretty worn out though...The house is pretty well packed and I am almost ready to go. A few minor things need to be finished up but then we are ready. Now all we need is a buyer...

I think I am going to go play on the Play Station with my husband now.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is funny...

A college professor had just finished explaining an important research project to his class. He emphasized that this paper was an absolute requirement for passing his class, and that there would be only two acceptable excuses for being late. Those were a medically certifiable illness or a death in the student's immediate family.

A 'smart' student in the back of the classroom waved his hand and spoke up. "But what about extreme sexual exhaustion, professor?"

As you would expect, the class exploded in laughter. When the students had finally settled down, the professor froze the young man with a glaring look."Well," he responded, "I guess you'll just have to learn to write with your other hand."

I have to go work on my homework now...LOL


Monday, February 11, 2008

Great Friends

Yesterday afternoon, one of my good friends in Kansas City had a 'going away' party for us at our favorite hang-out spots; Side Pockets. We had a blast and were so happy to have so many people show up to bid us a fond farewell.

Holly & Mike do the normal family pose.

Kris & Danelle pose big for the camera. Kris left her kids at home with her husband so she could join us; oh...and drink a couple of beers!
Mike's family was all there (with the exception of his brother in Texas and his dad). It was great to see all of them enjoying themselves!
Yes, this is the Happy Birthday going away cake. Danelle went to a ton of trouble just to find a cake. Can anyone tell me what Audios means?
Steph & Mike were having a great time playing pool...
Danelle lines up for the kill...
We had a great time and I know we are going to miss everyone terribly! The good news is that in this day and age, we can still be in close contact. Besides, everyone has promised to come crash at our place on their way into the mountains!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fear and Excitement

I pack our belongings in cardboard formally home to various grocery store items. Carefully I place each item I hope makes the trip safely in the box and tape it shut. Memories of the past six years flood my mind as I make every attempt to keep only what is most important. Some items just simply cannot make the cut and I throw them in the container marked 'trash'.

At the same time, the excitement begins to grow at the prospect of finding our new home as close to the front range as possible. The opportunity to create new and lasting memories is astounding. However, the fear is also great. We haven't yet heard from the ones who are suppose to be helping us with this transition.

The realetor stops by to take more photos of our current residence; we move boxes and trash out of the way to make the place presentable. Everything is moving so fast yet time is going so slow. I play the 'what if' game in my mind over and over again. My husband prepares for the time apart not knowing if it will be short or drug out an extended period of time. I know he is upset. At the same time, excited as we move closer to our dreams. I try to reassure him that the time will fly but in my own mind, I'm not even sure.

I clean and do my best to make this place so full of character; something that someone else will want. In the back of my mind I see the water up to my knees. I hope that no one will notice but I'm afraid the line on the wall will be evident to the inspector. So many times I have taken back my faith that the Lord has everything under control. I keep wanting to do everything alone; not trusting that He will find the next person to call this house a home.

I climb under the stairs and begin to clear away the cob webs and scrub the dirt from the cement. All the while, searching for those eight-legged creatures that make me feel sick. I know the one the size of my hand is still down there, waiting for the moment I put my hand close to its home. I'm staying up much later than normal and am finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. I know my days will be filled dawn until dusk trying to wrestle with the fear and excitement that I feel.

I'm ready for the peace that comes from putting all of my belongings in our new home. I'm ready to put the dishes in the cabinets while I watch the dogs playing inside the fence in our new back yard. I can see it and that is what drives me to continue.

So I give it back to God. He will bring the new owners to us when HE is ready. He will lead us to our new home in good time; I know we won't be homeless. So I guess the excitement is much greater than the fear. I can think 'what if' all I want but it really doesn't matter. What matters is today and I think it best if I live in and for the moment rather than wonder what is coming up. For what is coming up will be here sooner than I think!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I should be packing...

However, I have lost the drive to get it done tonight. So instead, I spent the evening finishing up my 2007 scrapbook. I must say, I think it looks pretty cool. If I could find a way to scan the pages in and share, I would. Unfortunately, the pages are too big for my scanner. So, you will just have to wait to see it until you come visit me!

On another note, I was trying all day today to find an interview that was done with our CEO, Brian Mueller before the Super Bowl last week. After about 2 hours of searching and asking everyone I could think of, I came across it. The interview was actually at the mid-point of the pregame show on Sunday played on the Westwood One radio network out of New York. Now, if you have about an hour to kill, you can listen to it HERE. However, if you just want to hear the interview, you can download the entire piece and go to 27 minutes into the show. It was fun to listen to the radio ads and the fact that Mr. Mueller picked the Giants to win.

I suppose, I better go see if I can find some more stuff to put into boxes.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Who would you vote for?

Wow! Guess if I were to vote for the candidates right this very minute, I should choose John McCain based on my views versus his. Very interesting:

50% John McCain
38% Mitt Romney
33% Barack Obama
30% Mike Huckabee
28% Hillary Clinton
25% Ron Paul
20% Mike Gravel

You can see who you would vote for as well if you click below:

Back to packing...