Sunday, May 15, 2016

Thank You for the Music!

A few years ago, my relationship with my husband was simply "being". No relationship. We were like two strangers living under one roof.  Until one day, God spoke directly to me through a very good friend.  He said, "Come to me child, I will do the rest." I began to seek Him. I wanted a relationship with Him to help fill the void of relationship I felt from my husband. I began listening to online messages and diving into His word. One day, I happened across a Red Rocks Church podcast. As with most people, I was thoroughly entertained yet enlightened by the words. I could NOT stop listening.  Before long, I had listened to every message offered and craved more. I kept telling my husband about the church and that I thought we should go check it out. Then one Sunday, while driving, he asked if we should go to Red Rocks Church and check it out. We pull into the lot at Heritage Square, walk up the huge hill through a creepy theme park, and enter a big red barn to worship. To say we were both skeptical is an understand end. Then the music began...we were hooked!!  Brinnae had the voice of an angel and Tyler let the worship with such conviction that when the music stopped, I was sad and longing for more!  The message was (of course) exactly what we needed to hear and helped to put us on the path we needed to be on (it was of course the relationship series and it was about raising your white flag in surrender) but then the music began again and we knew we were HOME! We both walked out that day feeling refreshed and renewed. As time has passed and the church has grown, we have kept following Brinnae. God has put a calling on your heart and we cannot follow you to Brussels so we are going to say THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC!  Your music kept us attending and growing in our relationship with God and each other (the messages of course helped, but because of you, we always kept going back for more) always leaving feeling refreshed and renewed.  I really hope that Red Rocks does some LIVE from Brussels so we can have our cups refilled every once in a while.

Good Luck to you both & Thank You for the music!