Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do You Miss Me Yet??

I can't stand it any longer! If you haven't donated to the Race for the Cure - Pooches in Pink (link at the left) please do so - only one week left!

Mike and I stopped at a garage sale on our way home from church this morning because I saw a statue I thought looked interesting. Turns out that the statue was really nothing. However, the picnic backpack was something that Mike and I have been wanting for some time; and they had it for a very good price. We picked it up and headed home. On the way there, Mike commented that he thought it would be fun to head up into the mountains with our new treasure and spend the afternoon hanging out in the cooler weather with the dogs (and his computer so he could write a paper). We packed it up and headed out. Of course, we can't go just hiking without taking out the GPS and doing a little geocaching as well. The first one we found really wasn't anything to write about. However, the second one was located at the summit of the mountain we were hiking around. I didn't think we were going to make it but when we did, it was quite a site to behold! A few photos are included for your viewing pleasure:

Me with the cache (as well as Topos and Sedona)

Mike at the VERY top!

Me playing around with the camera...

Turning off the GPS.

We got all settled out on the grass at the summit and enjoyed a nice little picnic. Suddenly, we could hear thunder in the distance. So we moved our picnic back into the trees a little more, pulled out the umbrella and rain jackets, and just hung out in the mountain shower. Mike pulled out his flute and played a few Irish jigs while we waited out the storm. Once the rain cleared up a little, we just kind of hung out and took a short nap. Unfortunately, during our nap, the rain returned and just wouldn't let up (neither would the wind). We decided we had best pack it up and head home. We certainly decided to take the longer route out as we were having a difficult time getting back to the trail (not recommended to just wander off in the woods but we were fairly certain that we were in the middle of a circle of trails and that we would run into it again eventually). After quite the hike, we managed to get back to the truck; soaked and tired from the long day. We took a nice scenic route home; 72 Highway if you want to take a peek at what it looks like. Mike is writing his paper and I am trying to raise a little more money for the race...

I'm tired so I think I am going to call it a night. Luckily, I'm off tomorrow...


Friday, August 15, 2008

Race for The Cure

If you haven't noticed, to the left of the page I have posted a request for support in the Koman Race for the Cure. If you click on the picture of Sedona, you can go to my race page and see what exactly it is we are going to be doing. I would like to point out that as of right now, I am #5 on the list for fundraisers for this event:

I would love to remain on that list and help fund a cure! If you haven't taken the time to donate, what are you waiting for?? Even $1 will help so don't be shy!!

I might not post again until I have helped my team reach the $500 goal we are shooting for...