Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bland Food

So I haven't been feeling the best for the past few days so I head to the doctor to have it checked out. I found out that I have a bit of an ulcer. YIKES! I know life has been stressful but who would have thunk?? The worst part is the bland food you have to eat. I can't have anything spicy and certain fruits and veggies will set it off. Soda is also off limits...I really hope this doesn't take long to heal up...because bland food is only good occasionally!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Tornado Warnings

I realized it had been quite some time since I sat down and looked at the blog; mine as well as others. It has been crazy around here...well...if you consider going fishing all the time crazy. I just don't spend a ton of time on my computer right now since I spend the entire day staring at the screen at work.

Anyway, on to my thought: sometimes, I wonder if tornado warnings are issued just a little too early. In the middle of the afternoon, when a person could 'spot' a tornado, it should be a matter of "one has been seen". The radar indicated ones should be reserved for the night time when it is impossible to see. The sirens all went off again today for the radar tornado. One never touched the ground. That is why people get hurt during a tornado, they never know when it is real and get too comfortable! I'm not saying that the warnings should be cut out if only radar-indicated. What I do think is that they look at those and then get a spotter on the ground to confirm or deny. If that is not possible, then issue the warning. And if it is not confirmed, don't announce that it is only radar-indicated, just issue the warning. That way, people would have a little more credibility for the actual warnings. In turn, it might just save some lives. Mostly, it would help ease my mind a little bit. I hate that feeling of not knowing. I wonder who I need to talk to about this.... to take a long hot bath....