Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Bucket List

Saw this posted on Facebook and thought I would see what I could say...

Things I have done during my lifetime:
(X) Gone on a blind date
(X) Skipped school 
( ) Watched someone die
(X) Been to Canada
(X) Been to Mexico
(X) Been to Florida
( ) Been to Hawaii
( ) Been to Greece 
( ) Been to Israel/Palestine 
( ) Been to Africa 
(X) Been on a plane
( ) Been on a helicopter
(X) Been lost 
( ) Gone to Washington, DC
(X) Swam in the ocean
(X) Cried yourself to sleep
(X) Played cops and robbers
(X) Recently colored with crayons
(X) Sang Karaoke (after a LOT of alcohol!)
(X) Paid for a meal with coins only 
(X) Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch
( ) Been to the Sistine Chapel
(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
(X) Made prank phone calls
( ) Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans 
(X) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out 
(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(X) Danced in the rain
(X) Written a letter to Santa Claus
(X) Been kissed under the mistletoe 
(X) Watched the sunrise with someone
(X) Blown bubbles
( ) Gone ice-skating (unless you count rubber boots on the pond)
(X) Gone to the movies
( ) Been deep sea fishing
( ) Driven across the United States
( ) Been in a hot air balloon
( ) Been sky diving 
( ) Gone snowmobiling
( ) Lived in more than one country
(X) Lived in more than one state
(X) Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets
(X) Seen a falling star and made a wish
(X) Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser
(X) Seen the Statue of Liberty
(X) Gone to the top of Seattle Space Needle
( ) Been on a cruise
(X) Traveled by train
(X) Traveled by motorcycle
(X) Been horse back riding
( ) Ridden on a San Francisco CABLE CAR (took lots of pictures but didn't have time to ride one)
(X) Been to Disneyworld
(X) Truly believe in the power of prayer 
( ) Been in a rain forest
(X) Seen whales in the ocean 
(X) Been to Niagara Falls
( ) Ridden on an elephant
( ) Ridden on a camel 
( ) Swam with dolphins
( ) Been to the Olympics
( ) Walked on the Great Wall of China
( ) Saw and heard a glacier calf
( ) Been spinnaker flying
(X) Been water-skiing
( ) Been snow-skiing (even though I live in Colorado)
( ) Been to Westminster Abbey
( ) Been to the Louvre
( ) Swam in the Mediterranean
(X) Been to a Major League Baseball game
(X) Been to a National Football League game
( ) Been to a NASCAR race (not to a race but around one of the tracks with professional drivers, right Eric??)

Interesting.  I guess I would have thought this list would have been just a little different.  Oh well - back to packing!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Art For God

Off and on all day I have been looking at the Facebook update page just to see what everyone has been up to: Simply enjoying my day of rest doing nothing but resting.  In my searches, I found an interesting artist and his web site.  I find it truly interesting how different artists select different subjects and/or topics and create great works of art!  

Personally, I'm looking forward to moving so I can get out all of my supplies and be able to simply go into a room and begin to create!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Cabin by the River

Mike and I are working to rent a cabin by Deckers, CO by the South Platte River. Here is a photo from above by the garage:

You can see more photos on my facebook page in the Mountain Living album.

What do I like best? The art studio above the garage! I'm so excited to have a place to set up my arts and crafts full time and be able to work on stuff. Cross your fingers for us!!


Sunday, April 05, 2009

Funny Birthday Cards

So this time of year is all about birthdays in my family: my parents, my niece, and my husband.  last weekend, my sister-in-law and I had a fantastic time listening to all of the cards from Hallmark that play sounds/music/etc looking for the perfect card for my dad.  We giggled and laughed until our sides hurt and then finally decided on one that was perfect for Dad.  When I got back to Colorado, I needed to pick one up for my husband's birthday as well.  It didn't take me long to grab the perfect card for him.  I had to shoot a video of it just to show Jeri:

So Happy Birthday to everyone!  I would shout it from a mountain top but seriously...the snow is just too deep right now!