Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great News!

I went to the doctor today to have my knee examined just a little further. Seems that I have just strained it and I should be fine. I'm suppose to start walking on it and exercising it again...if it blows up again, then go back. I don't anticipate that happening...I am fairly certain that the prayer a total stranger said over it while I was in Texas did the trick...


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Smoking in the Rain

I got an email from Mike this morning at 4:01 AM; seems he had quite a night...

I just came in from having a cigarette. I went out for that cigarette at 2:50 AM. While I was smoking and it was storming, (rain, lightning, thunder) I noticed a couple people looking in the Jeep at the corner. I thought nothing of it at first, then they went to the vehicle in front of the house two doors down. I went in the house, grabbed my cell and called 911. I went back out on the porch, lights off, and watched them proceed to our neighbor's house and get in his car. At that point I made it apparent to them they were being watched and they began to run. I gave chase, still talking to the 911 operator, all the way to the east parking lot of the Junior High. The 2 boys had run to a dumpster, paper recycling, and hid behind it, located in the northeast corner. The police arrived and headed to the dumpster with spotlight on and found nobody there and headed back out of the parking lot towards me. I ran over waving my arms pointing back at the dumpster. I told the officer the boys were still there and he said he saw nothing. I told him they did not leave from the dumpster, so they must have crawled in. We went back to the dumpster and sure enough, there were holes on both sides of it and the boys had crawled in. The entire force for the city showed up soon after (all 4 patrol cars, yes that is all they have on a week night). I identified them by what they were wearing and that they were both white males. The police agreed that who they had in the dumpster matched my description. They took them into custody and then searched the dumpster. They had taken some jewelry, a knife, some gum, the neighbors baseball and flashlight, and some other petty stuff. We then came back over here and woke up the neighbor, who's car door was still open. He was very happy our house had not sold yet. What a smoke that was.

Again...Can I get a witness?? Praise the Lord!

Back to work...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Colorado Crutches

I'm a dork...that's all I have to say!

I went to church this morning in Franstown (just outside of Castle Rock). After church, I started heading up to Denver to go to the gym and then go to the park and go roller blading. As I was driving, I saw a sign for the Cherry Creek Trail (look it up...it's pretty cool). I decided I would go roller blading on this trail so I could view the mountains and there wouldn't be as much 'traffic' in the park. I went for about 45 minutes and was on my way back to the truck...down a nice little hill...I hit a rock or a stick and lost control. I went sprawling all over the place. I looked around to make sure no one saw me and then jumped back up to continue the rest of the way to the truck. My knee hurt like you would not believe as I finished the half mile trip to the truck. I stopped at Walgreens to get a band-aid and to clean my scraped knee. I thought my knee was going to go out the entire time so I decided I had better go have it checked out at an Urgent Care. Well, nothing broken but we aren't certain if I have just strained the ligements in my knee or if I have torn them. So, I have nice splint on my leg and get to stay off of it for the next few days; which means crutches.

I'm such a dork! I will let you know if it doesn't seem to be getting better b/c that can mean something worse. For now, I'm gimpy!

I'm pretty sleepy right now but can't seem to get comfortable to fall asleep...so I'm watching a movie...homework? Can't concentrate so I will have to try and get it done tomorrow instead...

On another exciting note, the lady that looked at the house the other day came back to look again today. Pray that our house is the one she chooses for her next 'project' :o)


Saturday, April 19, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to...

Can I get a witness! Praise God!!

So I go into the gym to work out today and the owner is sitting there chatting away. She stops me and asks me how things are going with the house hunting. I told her slow but steady. I told her that I was moving up to the North of Denver. When I told her where, her eyes got really big and she proceeded to tell me that the drive is going to be VERY long in the mornings. I told her that at this point I don't have much choice so I will have to make it work. She then says she should rent her guest room in the basement to me..."a couple hundred bucks'. Just so you know, I am spending at least that in gas. We started talking about it and before you know it, I'm at her house meeting her dogs and seeing if it would be a possibility. She lives near the University of Colorado (or Denver...can't remember which) in a very nice older section of town. The distance you say? About 10 miles from the office! I'm going to take her up on the offer. The best part? She is excited to have Sedona come out and stay with me! Amazing how God answers your prayers, isn't it!!

It isn't over by any means so I appreciate everyone's continued prayers. Now we want to look for a way to get Mike and Topos out here in our own place...

I'm hanging out in the hotel...might just go sit in the hot tub for a while and relax...


Friday, April 18, 2008

On the move again

Well, it's official; my temporary housing has been deemed unacceptable and I will be relocating to new temporary housing. Mike's cousin and his wife in Berthoud have been kind enough to allow me to stay there on a temporary basis. Hard to say how long that is going to be for; I'm trusting that the Lord will provide everything we need.

On a very exciting note, Mike showed the house today. There is a couple that bought a house a block away from us and totally redid it. She is now looking for a new project. Pray that her new project is our house! It will all fall into place...

So for tonight I must pack the few belongings I have with me and prepare to head out in the morning. Tomorrow is 'Jennifer's go-shopping-hiking-playing-who-cares-because-I'm-not-thinking-about-stress-today' day. I have a hotel all set up. I'm excited for a night where I don't have to be quiet after a certain time and don't have to answer to anyone!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm not dead...

...I just haven't had time...I'm back in Colorado now and Mike is on his way back to Kansas City. Nothing new on the house...Keep praying!!

Off to do homework...