Friday, April 18, 2008

On the move again

Well, it's official; my temporary housing has been deemed unacceptable and I will be relocating to new temporary housing. Mike's cousin and his wife in Berthoud have been kind enough to allow me to stay there on a temporary basis. Hard to say how long that is going to be for; I'm trusting that the Lord will provide everything we need.

On a very exciting note, Mike showed the house today. There is a couple that bought a house a block away from us and totally redid it. She is now looking for a new project. Pray that her new project is our house! It will all fall into place...

So for tonight I must pack the few belongings I have with me and prepare to head out in the morning. Tomorrow is 'Jennifer's go-shopping-hiking-playing-who-cares-because-I'm-not-thinking-about-stress-today' day. I have a hotel all set up. I'm excited for a night where I don't have to be quiet after a certain time and don't have to answer to anyone!


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Connie said...

Adding my prayers that God puts you where you nead to be.