Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Weekend at the Farm

Mike and I spent a weekend at my parent's house in Nebraska. What a wonderfully relaxing weekend! We drove up early Friday and managed to get to the house before either of my parents were off work. Since the both of them are very concerned with the property located inside the house, they lock the door. This posed a bit of a problem for us since neither of us have a key! We climbed back into the truck and headed into town so we could grab the key from Mom at the school. We ended up taking a tour of the school and seeing several of my teachers from high school! It was fun but after 45 minutes of walking and chatting, I was pretty warn out (I guess that is why they say 30 days to recover, huh?). Saturday morning we spent shopping. Saturday afternoon we spent at a wedding reception for my step-nephew. Saturday night we spent at my nephew's 7th birthday party. By the end of the day, I was once again BEAT! Sunday, I wasn't feeling the best when I got up so Mom and I spent the day in the house while Mike and Dad went fishing. We had a wonderful time beading bracelets and just hanging out. Monday came and Mom and Dad again had to go to work. Mike and I had planned on going fishing but due to a small rain shower (an all day affair) we were once again house bound. Seriously, when I say we did nothing all day, I mean we did NOTHING! It was kind of nice. We headed home this morning and after spending all day in the truck and then helping move in our new fridge (I really just watched...I can't lift more than 5 pounds yet) I am once again ready to sleep. I can't wait for this phase of healing to pass. It truly wears me out...

Off to bed with me...


Thursday, August 24, 2006

What to do now??

I feel truly like only after a week, I have recovered enough to do anything but hang out in my house! I have played more yahoo games this week than I thought even existed. I'm tired of the PS2. I've made a few bracelets but I think I am out of beads to make something different than I already have. I've walked around the block but today the temperature is making it difficult to want to (95...). I have read a couple of books now...and I have bookshelves full of them but I need to get up and move. For someone that is more of a mover or shaker, I can't handle just sitting around doing petty things!
So, I'm blogging - but even that is not that exciting because nothing is going on!

I went to New York twice in July to visit Mike while he was working out there. He had rented a house in Pleasant Valley, NY and worked just down the road from the house. The first trip (4th of July weekend) we spent a ton of time sightseeing and hiking. We saw a ton of beautiful areas of New York. In fact, I never knew that NY was that way.

I always think of New York and think of the city. Speaking of city...I even talked him into going down into the city to fulfill a life-long dream of going to NYC. Guess what?!? I loved it! I can't say I could handle living there but it was a blast! We rode the subway,

saw the WTC site,

went to the top of Rockefeller Center,

vistited Times Square,

walked through Central Park,

and a million other things. It was one of the most exciting trips I think he and I have taken. I don't know if I can ever get him to go back but I really enjoyed the trip and have a ton more pictures for memories!

The second time I visited was the weekend of July 22. We again spent some time hiking in the beautiful New York countryside. The first place we went it was pooring rain on us! The hike around the lake was foggy and wet but we enjoyed the walk. We came across some beautiful waterfalls and views:

We also visited New Paltz (which you could certainly call 'artsy fartsy'). I never knew it was legal to sell the drug parafenalia the way these people did :) The next day we visited one of the many mansions that are scattered throughout the countryside. This one was right next to the Tappanzee Bridge called Lyndburg Mansion:

I certainly wish we could afford to live there! We also ended up on the New Jersey side of New York City. The best part was that my husband got us through the area without a map!

The trip was very short but we were able to spend some very quality time together and see a part of the country neither of us would have ever imagined. I hope some day the both of us can return and view some of the sites that we missed.

Alright, I'm getting hungry so I am off of here. I will probably be out this weekend as I am going to visit my parents in Nebraska. I will be back next week since I get another entire week to 'recover'.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Hanging Out...

...Because that is really all I can do right now! Surgery went great! I'm now on 'the patch' and I'm not talking about quitting smoking patch either...Thank goodness though. Without it, I think I would be a blubbering mess! I can't say I am in much pain...the drugs make that better I guess. I am a bit swollen though...I hope that goes away SOON!! In my lazy time off though, I have found a hobby I think I can truly enjoy - jewelry. I made the cutest butterfly bracelet to give to my boss as a going-away present and I must say - adorable! I want to go back to the store and get more beads to see what else I can come up with. Too much fun!!

Alright, I'm going to go find something to occupy my time until I can take another nap.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Where Have U Been??

I didn't forget about my blog - I just haven't sat down and done anything to it for a while! I have been so busy with work and school that taking a few minutes to jot things down seems out of the question. Also, with my husband traveling SOOO much, it's tough to find the motivation I guess. The good news, HE GETS HOME TOMORROW!! I am so excited! He comes home for me to go have surgery on Thursday, but at least he will be home. In case you are wondering 'what surgery??' It is nothing major (for more details you will have to ask me personally). I am praying for everything to go well. So any way - enough of this boohooing. The real reason I wanted to blog was to show you my latest photo from the Women of Faith Conference in St. Louis. I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Grant! I can't tell you how motivating she is for me! She has taught me a few things about life and how important God is in it. Listen to her song "The Real Me" and you will totally understand. There is more to the story but all I am willing to share is that she has really opened my eyes to the fact that what others think is NOT important - it is what HE thinks that matters. Luckily, He loves me and thinks that I am beautiful.

Okay, enough mush. I have to get a paper written anyway.