Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun in Kansas City!

I traveled to Kansas City for the weekend to meet with a possible buyer for our house. I'm not sure how it went...I guess we will see if he is still interested!

Last night, I crashed the UOPX Kansas City holiday party. It was nice to see some of my old coworkers as well as Santa! The rest of the weekend I spent with Danelle just hanging out and enjoying time together. We enjoyed lunch at Taco Johns:

visited friends in the area by crashing Cripplecon:

went to see a movie (Paul Blart Mall Cop...wait for the DVD release rather than spending $40 in the theater)., and enjoyed a Sheridan's frozen custard. I also gave her the Christmas gift I made for her a while ago but was never able to give to her since we missed each other for the holidays:

She cried so I guess that means she liked it :o):

We just really hung out and thing that I miss about Kansas City. I need to work on getting her to move to Colorado!

Tomorrow, I head back home. I just need to figure out how to get all of this stuff into my suitcase...


Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a Cousin!

A late addition to the coolest Christmas Cards from my cousin KJ:


I'm off to get some rest in the pool!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update on Issues

Well, if you are related to me and have been following FACEBOOK, then you know I am having a bit of trouble with my back. We originally thought it was a bulging disk. However, Friday I went to the chiropractor and when I was describing what was happening (pain more concentrated in the left hip) we think that I actually have a twisted hip. The good news is that my back feels much better; the bad news is that I can hardly move from the pain that radiates from my hip. The best thing (I have been told) that I can do is walk. So Mike and I went to Sam's Club this afternoon, bought a membership, and wandered around the store for about 2 hours. I am pretty well beat up for today. Just going to sit here the best I can and watch the rest of the football game. Then, I am going to call it a night and hope tomorrow life is better!


Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Cards

Since we moved, we haven't gotten nearly the number of cards that we have in the past. I'm thinking that I need to send some cards out so people have our new address. Of course, as soon as I do that, then we will maybe next year. Anyway, we got some really cute ones:

Barb and Len are both artists (they work at World of Fun in Kansas City). Every year they have the cutest cards! The dogs are their two little ones...

Brian and Regina put together an adorable card which included pictures of the family.
Angie put together a neat idea where under the package was pictures of her kids.
Tammy (Coworker at UOPX) gave me this card. I really liked how elegant it looks.
There was one more that I really liked - however it is posted in my cubicle at work so I wasn't able to scan it in (it was from Eric and Jeri). Thank You to everyone who sent us cards this year! I love getting cards and seeing how everyone is doing! Stay tuned for next year to see who gets posted!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Nothing Else I Can Do...

With my back the way it is right now, I can't do much so I decided to work on making a necklace:

I'm so excited about the way this one turned out - I think I am going to work on another one!


Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year??

Happy 2009 Everyone!

Mike and I did nothing out of the ordinary on New Year's Eve this year. In fact, we did what we do almost every Wednesday night: headed up to Erie, CO to the Colorado Coal Company to listen to Dirk's Irish band play. They extended their play instead of 9:30 to midnight. However, we decided the 'crazies' on the road would be dangerous to us newbies so we headed out around 10:30.

Dirk is Mike's cousin and we joined him and his family for dinner before the band started playing. We had a great time; drinking coffee and eating some wonderful Chocolate Moose!
We got home shortly before Midnight with the intention of celebrating the ringing in of the new year. Unfortunately, I was getting ready for bed and somehow, tweeked my back. I turned wrong and seems that was all it took; I couldn't move. Lucky Mike has been through it before and has been extremely helpful (especially when I got stuck on the toilet...). We were able to contact Mike's Chiropractor on New Year's Day and he met us at the office to see what he could do. We were most impressed with the fact that he met us there on a holiday but even more so when it turns out he went to UNL and missed the fist half of the game to fix me up. I have no idea how to thank him.
I'm still hurting and have spent the past two days laying pretty much flat on my back with ice and a brace. If I have to get up, it is quite the ordeal. We are going back again tomorrow morning to have the Chiropractor work on it again. I have every confidence that he is going to be able to fix me up and with all of this rest...
Oh well - keep us in your prayers. We received a phone call today from someone in Kansas City who is very interested in making a house purchase of one Liberty property; found us in the phone book (**mental note...get our number unlisted). Seems that the Man upstairs is looking out for us. We would not have been home today if not for my back so we would have missed the call; and I'm bad at checking voice mail on the home phone because no one has it...LOL. I am leaving this one in God's hands - he knows what he is doing!
I am going to go back to watching football...