Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beautiful Weeds

While walking through the mountains in the summer, a person will be greeted with fields of green; grasses, trees, and weeds fill the horizon as far as the eye can see. However, when the spring rains come through continuously providing an endless supply of water, the weeds can become fields of beautiful flowers. I guess you could say they are the most beautiful weeds!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day 2009

This past week has been fantastic! So many stories to share and so little time to do it! However, the focus today is on the dads of the world so the stories will have to be shared another time.

I had the pleasure this Father's Day, to start the day with my dad (he and Mom were visiting for graduation; one of the other stories). Unfortunately, today is the day they had to head back home (thanks to work scheduling a conference in Phoenix this week so he had to come LAST week instead...GRRRRRR). I made both Dad and Michael breakfast this morning (bacon, eggs, and cinamon rolls - yummy!). I hope they both know just how much I love having them in my life!! For Dad - Happy Father's Day and I can't wait until your next visit. For Michael - Happy Paw Paw's Day and I am so happy we were able to spend the day together with ALL of the kids (Alyx included).

After everyone left, Michael, Alyx, Topos, Sedona, and I headed up what we have now named "Mewes Mountain". It is all up but worth it once you reach the top. Mike shot a video when we got to our destination (after many stops; one included a picnic lunch):

We had a blast but I am extremely sunburnt! Mike and I decided after to hop on the bikes and head to the Decker's store for a quick cup of coffee. We then played a couple of games of horseshoes (we have a new set and a nice area to play). We played two games and each won one. However, all of this running around today, and I am BEAT!!

Alyx has gone on to Missouri with her mom and grandma, but it was nice to finally see her after two years! Hopefully the time in between is not so long next time.

Well, my vacation is about to end so I had better sign off and head to bed so I can begin my next work week fully rested.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Enjoying the mountains!

I have been so busy lately with moving, working, unpacking, working, and gardening that I have hardly had any time to sit down and play around on my computer outside of doing work-related stuff. Over the past couple of nights, Mike and I have just simply been enjoying out new mountain home by taking the dogs for walks up and down stream. Last night, we saw a couple of very large mountain cats as well as a ton of deer. This morning on my way to work, I came across a nice sized brown bear (he was on the side of the road, I in the car at a safe distance). I so wich I could have gotten a picture of the bear; he was HUGE!! I guess we are getting acclimated quite nicely to the mountain scene. Some time in the near future, I will have to sit down and write the story of Mike's small accident. However, tonight is not the night. Just a quick post to let everyone know we are still alive.