Monday, April 25, 2005

The 2005 Draft

Everyone seems to be so excited about some of the new aquisitions for the Chiefs this year but I'm having a tough time getting motivated for some reason. Last season was suppose to be THE SEASON with the best of the best. However, we all know how it turned out...a disappointment. I just hope that everyone isn't putting all of their money on one guy. What if he goes out (like many of the defensive players do for the Chiefs) and gets himself into trouble and can't play at all next season. Then we are right back to where we started...a great offense without a defense to back them up. I am sure as the season gets closer I will be a little more optimistic. Right now, the hype is just a little crazy and maybe even a little annoying. Maybe it is because we are having a typcial Kansas City Spring...The Royals are in last place already and the Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Getting Better...

The doctor says that I am getting better! I went to see her today about my spider bite and poison ivy and she doesn't think we are going to need to amputate or anything like that! I was the doctor's office show and tell as a matter of fact. After we were all done, the doctor was walking me out and walked me down the hall to show the other doctors. She wanted to show off her spider bite I guess. The good news is that everyone had the same prognosis...not dying. I'm suppose to just continue doing what I am doing...which is itching, bathing in oatmeal, and plastering anti-itch lotion on myself. It seems to be working...well, that and all of the sleepy drugs. I'm just happy to find out that it is getting better. It was making me a bit nervous.

On another note, the steriods are making me crazy. I got mad when I was mowing the lawn and broke the lawnmower. Mostly because it would turn like I wanted it to. Then, after dinner, we are sitting here playing on the Internet and watching the show Numbers. I started to read something from my email to Mike and he got mad because I interrupted the show. Mostly, he just gave me the 'index' finger and the 'look'. Well, that just made me mad...I can't wait to get over all of this stuff so I can get a little bit back to ...well... normal! I hope he knows I love him and that I didn't mean it...I think I will go tell him right now....


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Waiting for the fish...

Monday, April 18, 2005

To Top It All Off....

I NOW HAVE POISON IVY ON THAT SPIDER BITE. I would be happy to share more .... scratch/scratch....but I just can't seem....scratch/ keep my fingers on the keyboard....scratch/scratch....long enough to....

...another night perhaps!


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Creepy Crawler!

It's official...I have been bitten by a spider. Nothing is worse for someone with Aracnaphopia than to find out one of those little eight-legged creatures actually crawled on me. To make matters worse, it actually had the time to sink its little 'teeth' (Do they have teeth?) in! It really isn't that big, but it is mighty. The middle of the bite is a little black spot and the outside is very red and irritated. I have been doing the itchy dance trying to keep from making it worse. Luckily, the doctor gave me pills and told me how to take care of it. Funniest part was when she pulled out a pen and drew a circle around the outside. I am suppose to watch it and go back to see her if it moves outside of the circle ~ I hope it doesn't go outside the circle! I would hate for them to have to amputate!

Anyway, time for the sleepy drugs...C'ya!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mental Break

I'm a Canaan Dog. What dog are you? This web site features a game entitled "What Dog Are You?" (The graphics on the question & answer page are very impressive.) Powered by CATS (Canine Algorithmic Transfer System), youranswers to 10 questions determine what breed of dog you are. Click the green "Game" word-link on the LEFT this Web site

Friday, April 01, 2005

The Best Gift!

My husband is so adorable! His birthday is coming up this weekend and I have been hounding him to find out exactly what he would like to do. Yesterday, he says that he might like to get out of town and go camping. I spent last night running around trying to get everything together so that we can leave directly after he gets off of work. That wasn't so bad. In fact, I think I have it all together and now I'm just waiting for him to get home! One of the things he would like to do is to go fishing. The trouble is that all of our fishing equipment is being stored in our boat which is being stored in Cameron at a friend's house. Mike wanted me to go up this morning and get all of the equipment in order for us to go this weekend. I just didn't think I was going to have enough time to get everything in that I need to get done because it takes 30 minutes up and 30 minutes back. So I made him call our friend and see if he was going to be coming to Kansas City tomorrow for work. He was so Mike asked him to bring everything (he gave him the list) and he would meet him to pick it up. During the conversation, Mike said he needed his tackle box but to be careful picking it up because the box was broken and being held together with bunji cords. Kent offered to bring his tackle box for us to use instead. So I'm sitting there listening to this entire conversation unfold. See, Wednesday night, I went to Cabelas and bought Mike a brand new tackle box for his birthday. I already had it all wrapped up so I decided I had better give it to him before Kent and he went to all of the trouble of transferring and rearranging the tackle boxes. I grabbed the giant wrapped gift from the other room and kept saying, "I think you need to open your gift now..." He looked at me and said "You got me a tackle box, didn't you!" He tore into the gift and opened it up. He was so excited; looking through everything and telling me where everything would go. He was just like a little kid! I'm so glad I can pick exactly what he wants and time his gifts like that...I don't know how it just does!

Okay...back to getting EVERYTHING needed to go camping together.