Monday, April 25, 2005

The 2005 Draft

Everyone seems to be so excited about some of the new aquisitions for the Chiefs this year but I'm having a tough time getting motivated for some reason. Last season was suppose to be THE SEASON with the best of the best. However, we all know how it turned out...a disappointment. I just hope that everyone isn't putting all of their money on one guy. What if he goes out (like many of the defensive players do for the Chiefs) and gets himself into trouble and can't play at all next season. Then we are right back to where we started...a great offense without a defense to back them up. I am sure as the season gets closer I will be a little more optimistic. Right now, the hype is just a little crazy and maybe even a little annoying. Maybe it is because we are having a typcial Kansas City Spring...The Royals are in last place already and the Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl!

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