Saturday, September 22, 2007

Un-American I know

Most people that would view this video would comment that this is completely Un-American. However, I would have to disagree. We have a National Anthem for the United States of America. In America, we spend Saturday's watching College Football/Basketball. We spend Sunday's watching Nascar or football. All of these things are American. In fact, I would say that as Kansas City Chiefs fans, we are combining our American pride with our pride in our football team. You make the call. I will tell you though, when I go to the games, I am ALWAYS disappointed when I am not in the stadium to join my Sunday Arrowhead Stadium Warriors to chant 'CHIEFS' when the singer says "...and the home of the...". I will tell you, if I'm not in the stadium, I shout it where ever I may be; even if that is at home.

Home of the Chiefs!!

Now, I simply need to find somewhere I can watch it this Sunday so I can join the KC faithful in that chant. So far no luck with a location. I might end up listening to it on my computer. If anyone knows of any where in Phoenix, Arizona that I can watch the game, please let me know!


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