Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rough Day

I have so much to talk about but no energy to do it...this will probably be brief but my Dad wants to see me post more often so here is one for him.

We went to Nebraska this weekend to attend two family reunions; one on my Dad's side and one on my Mom's side. I have pictures and videos and such to share but that is not where the post is going. I will save that for another day later in the week. While at my parent's house, my dad started complaining of an upset tummy. On Saturday morning, my mom called the doctor's office. See, last year my dad had a heart attack and so any pain close to the heart is always a concern. The doctor's office said to take him into the emergency room because if they would need to do any tests, he would have to go there any way. Well, that meant that he would not be joining us for the reunions; neither would Mom. Mike and I went ahead and went to town because the nursing home would be dropping Grandma off and it would be best if someone were there to greet her!

After being at the reunion for about an hour, Mom called to let me know they were going to be taking Dad into surgery to remove his appendix. Turns out, his tummy pains were from his appendix; not his heart. Good and bad all at the same time! Well, we waited for another phone call for a couple of hours to hear the results of surgery. In the meantime, the nursing home took Grandma back (we told her what was going on just so she wouldn't wonder where Dad was) so we headed over to the other reunion. We spent a couple of hours there when finally Mom called to let us know Dad was out of surgery and doing fine.

We decided to head down to the hospital to see him. He felt really pretty good when we were there the first time. Of course, the drugs from surgery hadn't truly worn off at this point. We decided we would call it a night and head on home and come back in the morning. When we got back in the morning, he was running a fever so they were going to be keeping him all day. We hung out most of the day and went home when visiting hours were over to do some beading. We headed back down Monday morning to again see how he was doing. His fever was mostly gone and he looked great! So Mike and I decided it was okay to go ahead and head back home to KC.

Mom called me tonight. Dad is still in the hospital; he started running a fever again so they are going to continue to keep him. I am asking for everyone to say a short little prayer that he heal and recover quickly. For a man who is never sick and has never had a surgery, this has got to be seriously wearing him out! If you don't have a prayer of your own, feel free to use mine:

Heavenly Father:
Thank you Father for your many blessings! Each day is a gift and we treasure each and every one. Lord, I come to you today to ask for your healing touch for Dad. May your angels wrap their arms around him and provide him comfort while he continues to heal from surgery. I ask Lord that his recovery time be swift and complete so that he may return to the comfort of his own home. I ask this in Jesus' name.

That's all I have for tonight. I need to go find some ice cream...seriously!


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