Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Good Squaw

My Dad has always made the comment that "A good squaw will always stay 10 steps behind her Indian." Do you think it is odd? Try walking right behind your Indian on a trail some time where he has to keep moving branches out of the way. When he lets go, you will understand...

During our entire float trip, I kept commenting that a good squaw lets her Indian do all the work. So I did - Mike was the steering and steam behind our canoe. I only paddled if he said he needed help. It isn't that I didn't want to help him; it's that I'm not as good with the whole paddling thing as he is and I usually end up just making him mad. So I found it was better to paddle only when requested. The rest of the time, I would lay back on the cooler, put my feet up, and enjoy the ride. People were going by us all the time giving me a hard time...I would just tell them "I'm a good squaw - did you ever see Pocahontas paddling the canoe for Lewis & Clark?? are the photos we took when Mike and I were without the rest of the group:

The only picture on the entire trip of the two of us together.

Mike in the water with his new hat.

Posing in the canoe.

You have to have a thumb picture, right?

Mike decided it was time to cool off.

Hanging out in the water.

My Indian paddling...

Trying to catch fish with his bare hands.

He decided the pole was much easier!

We went fishing in the stream after we floated. We didn't catch much; just about 30 3" trout. But hey, we had a great time!

I have more pictures from the trip but those will have to wait.


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