Saturday, July 28, 2007

At the Lake

So my husband and I decided last night we would do a little night fishing. Because I am an 'early to bed...' type person, I advised we pitch the tent so that when I got tired, I could hop out of the boat and go get a little shut-eye and he could continue to fish. So that's what we did. Paid for a night out at Smithville Lake for camping. I made it until about 12:30 and then I couldn't hang any longer so the dogs and I came back and went to bed while Mike fished. He started catching fish around 3 Am he said. He caught 4 really nice-sized catfish while the dogs and I slept. It was great. I joined him early this morning so he and I could go try for a few more. The rest of the day was pretty much a bust. We caught absolutely nothing. We quit fishing about 3 this afternoon. Mike cleaned the fish we had. However, we didn't feel much like tearing down the tent so we stuck around another night. He is sleeping right now because he wants to go ahead and put the boat back in the water around 2:30 in the morning. Unfortunately, I got too much sleep (both last night and this afternoon while he was cleaning the fish) so I sit here wide awake! I sure hope that changes pretty soon or 2:30 is going to come waaaay to early!

One exciting thing (at least for me) is that I learned my dogs can actually swim. Every opportunity I had today, I worked to get them in the water. The first time, we just walked in from shore until I couldn't get them to go any longer. The second time was by the boat ramp. The first couple of times, we just walked in. Then we got them up on the dock and either pushed or pulled them in. They were a crack-up! Sedona is actually pretty good at long as she doesn't realize she is doing it. Topos on the other hand doesn't care much for it at all. While we were out on the boat, I got out one time and went to shore and then tried to coax them in off the boat. They would have nothing to do with it! The next time I did it, I got in for a while and then went over to the boat and pulled them in one at a time. Topos went right to shore but Sedona actually hung out in the water for a while. I'm not sure if that is because she likes it or because she was so scared she couldn't move. Nonetheless, we now know they CAN do it. So when they are out in the boat panting up a storm because they are so hot, we can throw them overboard and let them cool of!

I suppose, I need to do some school work and then probably turn in so I can get up and catch me some lunkers!


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