Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The First Summertime Photos

As promised - a few photos from the weekend:

Chicken anyone? The menu included BBQ Chicken wings, corn-on-the-cob, and Julie's most famous and wonderful potato salad!

We got out the golf ball horseshoe game and had a bit of fun. Her is Alyx trying her hand at it. They all had a ball with that thing (no pun intended).

Everyone was just hanging out chatting. The guest list included Chuck and Joy (Mike's mom and step-dad), Dale and Betty (Mike's sister-in-law's parents), Shawn (Mike's sister-in-law's brother), Carl and Bev (Kent's mom and dad), Erik and Julie (Mike's brother and his wife) and their son Josh, daughter Emily, and a friend of Josh's another Josh, Keith and his son Josh (Kent's brother) **Keith's wife and daughter were unable to attend because Ariel had chicken pox** Kent and Kim, Joe (Kim's son) and a friend of his Travis, Chris (Kim's son), Brandon (Kent's son), Amanda (Kent's daughter) and her roommate Katie and friend Austin, Mike and I and his daughter Alyx.

The girls (Betty left, Julie middle, and me on the right) hanging out chatting about life. Joy and Alyx are doing something in the bathroom in the background. I have no idea what but I figure I better tell you so you don't wonder.

Erik (left) taking a nap. Me and Topos listening to the conversation between Kim and Katie. Carl gave his two cents on what Deja Vu really is. I'll give you his number if you want to hear it.

Sedona wasn't too thrilled about all of the excitement of photo opportunities. Mike sat down on the lawnmower to listen to the conversations and she jumped right on up. In case you don't know, Sedona HATES the camera. All we have to do is unzip the camera bag and she does whatever she can to get away from it. She also hates thunderstorms - I wonder if the flashing light from the camera and lightning are related to her fear...
Even though the temperature outside was a mild 80 degrees and the pool water was a mere 77 degrees, the kids (and even a couple of adults) had no problem diving in. After all, what would the official kick-off to summer be if there wasn't swimming involved?
That is all I have for the birthday/Memorial Day Weekend get-together. It was a great time and maybe something we should consider doing every year. That is if we can talk Kent and Kim into putting on the show again.
I better get off of here. My next class starts tonight so I best get to it.

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