Sunday, July 10, 2005

Five More Days

I was sitting on the porch swing with my husband this evening and this phrase came out of my mouth. Five more days of being somewhat worthless. The doctor said I was looking great and that everything is just as it should be. However, he said I should take it easy for one more week. No lifting, excessive bending, etc...I guess I will continue to go to work and sit around and just do some studying for my A+ exam...not totally worthless but feeling that way. The other news the doctor advised me was that I cannot tan my newly acquired scars for at least 3 months. He did say I could start soaking and swimming though. So, I went out, bought a new top for my swimsuit, and spent all day today lounging in a swimming pool. It felt great! However, I am so disappointed that I worked so hard to get into a bikini and now I can't wear it! Oh well, next summer...

I'm in the mood for some peaches and cream and then sleep. So off to bed.


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