Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vacation Fun... about to occur! That's right - starting now...I'm on vacation! In order to get away from the possibility of working too much while I take this sebatical, Mike and I are headed South to the middle-of-nowhere Missouri (or Pomme de Terre Lake South of Warsaw). We have everything packed and ready to load up into the truck. We plan on four (maybe five depends on the weather) fun-filled days of camping/fishing/caching/whatever we can find to do that costs no money because we are poor! We are both very excited and are ready to just get away. So if you try and call and don't get an answer, I'm not ignoring you - I just probably don't have a signal!

On another note, Mike and I are working to improve our German speaking abilities...or actually, I am working on trying to figure out the language and Mike is providing guidance because he knows enough of it to be dangerous! So last night, we worked on the alphabet (don't ask me to say it, I'm not THAT good at it) and ways of saying hello; or greeting people. We also worked on the correct way to say I love you depending on the person you are talking to.

Side note...I discovered last night is that an informal way of saying Hello in German is Hallihallo! When you listen to the demonstrator say it, he sounds like he says 'Yellow'. I just had the realization that when I would hear Helena say it, she wasn't saying 'yellow' she was saying Hallihallo! Go figure!

So, I now tell my husband 'Ich Lieben Sie' all of the time. I think he thinks it's funny because I don't have the accent and I stumble over the pronounciations of some of the letters...but I'm glad I can make him's good to see when things around here are bleak sometimes...

I best head to bed so we can get up and get out of here at a reasonable time.

Bis sp├Ąter!

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Eric said...

Your heading south and we're heading north. You know I think we just put up some towers in that area so you should have some service if you want. :) Just foolin. Have fun you crazy kids.