Monday, August 06, 2007

I Almost Missed It!

I got up at 4:30 AM to get on a plane for Phoenix at 7:15 AM. While I gain two hours when I come to Phoenix, I spend the first night trying to keep my eyes open and my mind functioning so that I'm not a zombie the next day. If this is random, well you will just have to deal with it. Randomness is my nature and thus the reason for the blog title...

So anyway, I get to the airport a little earlier than I normally do. I got in line to check in for my flight and was routed through the line quickly and easily. So I decided with the time I had left to go out and enjoy a little of the lightning show being presented to the North of the airport and the humidity that I won't be able to experience in Phoenix. About 45 minutes before my scheduled departure time, I decided to head back indoors and jump in the line to go through security, use the little girl's room, buy some water, and get in the boarding pass A line of Southwest American Airlines (I got up early on Sunday so I could check in for my flight to make sure I got in with boarding group A).

I walked through the door and what did I see but about 200 people (no, I'm not exaggerating) standing in line to go through security. Normally, this line has 3 x-ray screening stations and the line moves fairly quickly. However, today, only 2 of the lines were operational. I wasn't getting worried...yet. However, as the minutes started ticking by, I began to think I wasn't going to have much of a shot to make it to the group A line before it boarded. About 15 minutes left before the plane was suppose to be taking off, the kind people from the TSA started walking through the lines pulling any one that was scheduled to be on that flight. We were all hussled to the front of the line. While you think this would be a great perk; a benefit if you will, it really only makes matters a little more confusing. And of course, I have to select the line that doesn't move (if I would have stayed in the other line I would have gotten through faster). I finally made it through all of the checkpoints, gathered all of my belongings, and ran over to my gate. Needless to say, I didn't get my normal seat. I ended up sitting in the middle of two people. I boarded the plane at 7:14...and there were probably another 15 to 20 people in line behind me so needless to say we didn't make it off the ground on time.

Luckily, even though several of us had a little higher blood pressure when we boarded, we had one of the entertaining Southwest flight attendents. She was cracking all sorts of jokes and really making the whole situation much better. I think this put the pilot in a good mood as well because we still made it to Phoenix on time! No complaints from me to the airline. It wasn't their fault that equipment broke or that I didn't get in the line when it was short. However, I must admit if they didn't do the cattle-call boarding and instead did assigned seating, I would have gotten my seat no matter when I got in there...

Alright, I really need to finish up with my classwork and head to the land of counting sheep. I can't really even think any longer.


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Nicky said...

I was in that exact situation at the Phoenix airport coming home to Kansas. As a matter of fact, our whole director team was. We didn't think we were going to make it! It throws me into such a state of panic, as if flying doesn't do that to me, already. I'm glad you made it!! =)