Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Computer Fun

I ended up going down to Springfield, Missouri today to help support a user who was having some computer issues. I narrowed the problem down to a hard drive issue and thought maybe it was a connection problem. I tore the silly thing apart trying to check it all out. I ended up not finding the issue within the computer but believe the trouble to be with the hard drive itself. It is pretty much dead...
So why do I tell you this? So I get home tonight and Mike tells me that his laptop just keeps shutting down for no reason. He keeps trying to do scans on it but it doesn't find anything wrong if it completes the scan. I was lying on the floor looking at it when Sedona decided it was time to play. She bumped it with her paw which caused another shut down. When a computer does that, I am let to believe that there is an issue with the connection to the motherboard. What most people don't know about me is that I am Dell Certified. That means I am legally able to work on a Dell computer/laptop without voiding any type of warranties. Unfortunately, ours is out of warranty (it's an older free one...a story for a different post). However, I was bound and determined that I would figure out a way to bring this thing back to life. What I had to share with you are the pictures of the darn thing torn down just about completely.
I do not claim to be an expert when it comes to Dell laptops (notice the working laptop is on the Dell support page). But two laptops torn down in one day has to be some sort of record (at least for me). Needless to say, the personal one, while it still works, can't be moved while working on it or it just shuts down...bummer dude!
Alright, I have to go see if I can find anyone that wants to work the Chiefs preseason home opener this Thursday...YIKES!

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