Monday, June 25, 2007

Y'all Need to Try this Just Once!

So the last time I was in Phoenix, I went horseback riding with some friends at South Mountain. We got out there at about 6:00 and the temperature was about 110 degrees. was hot! We had signed up for a dinner ride. We would ride for about an hour up over the mountain to a small restaurant called The T-Bone Steakhouse. Then, after dinner (and after dark) we would ride back. It was certainly a much different experience. I'm so use to riding on flat terrain and this was a mountain ride. I learned a lot about riding - that's for sure! I have a few photos to share - with a few more on the way from another rider (my camera died after the first half of the ride so I had someone else take a picture of me on my horse)

Lining up to get everyone saddled. This was an interesting endeavor - 11 riders, quite a few who had never ridden before. I'm not sure how we did it!

Riding up over the crest of the mountain at sunset; it can't be topped!

My horse Beavis. When we got out from the restaurant, he was sort of standing all alone. Turns out, I had the trouble-maker of the group. His name fits him well!

I'll share more photos and videos when I get them. For now, I need to get to bed.


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