Monday, June 11, 2007

My paper is done!

I didn't finish my paper last night due to technical difficulties...I mean lack of I got it done tonight about 5 minutes ago. I never thought I would be writing a feasibility study...but I did and there you have it. I'll see if I can develop this project I have created in my head over the next 4 weeks...

So I have the videos from horseback riding downloaded and ready to share. This first one will crack you up. I am learning to 'jog' on Lady. A jog is faster than a walk but not as quick as a is also less jarring to the body. In order to jog, you put your foot on the gas (push your feet into the horse's side to make them run) and then apply the brakes (pull gently back on the reigns like you are going to stop). The result is a nice smooth ride. I am still learning how to do it but you can see Lady understand what I want and do it in the video. I was so excited. The only thing I must warn you about is that I have a bit of a 'strap' issue. I correct it at the end of the video (hehehe):

This next video is simply walking. My reigns weren't working quite the way I wanted them to so I would go to one of the pasture, stop, then adjust and then turn around and do it all over again. This video is where Mike caught me stopping her and then giving her praise as I adjusted those silly reigns one more time...

Finally, I guess Mike wanted to show Lady walking from behind so you get to see our butts as we head the other direction:

I hope you enjoy my videos and pictures. I love to be able to share them with people because I never get to do that now that I don't have time to do any scrapbooking. I also don't print photos out any more - they are all stored on my computer so unless I'm sitting there with my computer in front of me and happen to think of it, I don't usually share them.

I am ready for bed now. I have so many more stories to tell you and photos to share (especially about Neen and Dan being in town today) but it will have to wait until tomorrow.


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