Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Know...

I promised to add more to my story but I haven't gotten it done...I suck. I will do it but it isn't going to happen tonight. I spent the last week in Phoenix where the temperature was 1o4 on the final day I was there. Anyone that says to me "Yeah...but it's a dry heat" can KMA! It is still hot! What was really funny was when I landed in KC, I had to pull the blanket off the back seat of the truck to warm up because I found 60 degrees to be a little chilly. My husband was cracking up! I got home, climbed into bed, and pulled the comforter all the way up over my head. SWEET WARMTH!! I instantly fell asleep and woke up this morning well rested and ready to take on the day.

Any way, on to the post...The grass in our yard had gotten so long that I couldn't find Topos in the yard when he went out to do his morning business. I decided I had better spend the day cleaning it up so that at the very least, the dogs could go through it without getting grass seed all over their fur. Unfortunately, our lawn mower is currently out of commission. I headed over to Home Depot and rented a lawn mower. I should have thought about it while I was there but it didn't occur to me until after I got started that a push mower just wasn't going to do it. I should have taken advantage of a riding lawn mower. But who would have thought a yard the size of ours would take so long to mow! I got it done in about 4 hours...only 3 hours more than it usually takes me. When I took the mower back, the guy at the counter asked me if everything was okay. I told him the next time I can't find my chow in the grass, I'm renting a baler. He found that humorous. I'm not sure if that was because he couldn't believe this city girl new what a baler was or what. But he was laughing even after I walked out the door. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing more clean-up of the yard (trimming, spraying, washing). Finally, the moment that I waited the entire day for, my husband and I hooked up our laptops on the back deck and worked into the wee hours on homework. It's been great to be able to spend some time with him; even though we both have our heads buried into our laptops! I also like the fact that we CAN sit out on our back deck together - traveling can really take it out of you!

I suppose, I had better get off of here. I haven't seen my husband for a week you know *wink, wink*


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