Friday, March 05, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to...

Yo! So check this out:
I'm driving home this evening on my normal route. I'm pretty use to driving the mountain road now and can drive a little more than the speed limit part of the time (not when anyone is around; especially the Douglas County Deputy Sheriff). About halfway home, I happen upon a line of cars moving along at a snails pace (so less than 20 mph). I notice in the line of cars that the second one in IS the Douglas County Deputy Sheriff. I think he must have gotten annoyed because he pulled over the slow-moving front car and let the rest of us pass. When I reached the 15% grade, I let the car in the back pass me. It is the only area of the drive that I go in 1st gear and usually don't go over 5 mph. In doing so though, I noticed that the car I let pass me had a familiar looking sticker in the back window. Not sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, I stuck right with the car as he wove through the valley. I had every intention of following him to his final destination as long as it didn't involve me taking the Grand Am through any 3-foot-high snow drifts or down a steep hill. Just before reaching where I would normally turn for my house, the driver decided he had had enough of me following and pulled over. "DANG IT!" I said to myself. Deciding that I was still going to 'follow' this guy, I kept going toward Deckers. He, however, didn't make it that far. At some point before reaching the store, he must have pulled off (or drove off into the river). It was then (based on the sticker I believe that I have seen in his window) that I realize what he is doing; he is caching! The sticker I thought I saw was indeed a travel bug. I pulled up next to him as he was walking toward a cache just outside of the Deckers' store. I rolled down my window and say "That was just wrong." He kind of looked at me funny so I proceed to tell him that I was following his bug. He started to laugh. He proceeded to tell me that he had intended on stopping at one of the caches that was between the turn and where we were parked but he was worried that the crazy driver behind him would run into him. We chatted for a while and it turns out he was heading to the Lost Valley Ranch just up the road for a Men's weekend retreat. It is always so great to meet other cachers; especially out on the trail. This one though, has to seriously top the cake when it comes to the story behind meeting another cacher.

Here is part of the sticker I saw:

I can't post the entire photos because then it would give away the number!

I am now wanting to go caching tomorrow...


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GeekTeach said...

I shared the story with several friends too about the crazy lady that I met on my drive. It's really funny to read this from the other person's perspective. I had SO much trouble figuring out why you originally let me pass when you ended up tailgating me for the next several miles - NOW it makes more sense. Thanks for the laugh! And nice meeting you!