Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kansas City...Kansas City Here I Come...

This weekend, I came to Kansas City to help with another phase of user moves at the campus. I volunteer so I can come visit Danelle :o) It wasn't as big as the last move I helped with so we were done in a short amount of time. I did snap a few shots of people working though. You will notice there are no photos of me working. DUH! I'm the one taking all of the pictures...LOL!!
Jason connecting all of the phones and computers in the data room.
Jake tearing down a computer in the old space to move to the new. They will be remodeling this area of the campus as well so phase 3 is yet to come.
Marlin moving a computer out of the old space. We use chairs rather than do any heavy lifting :o) Hey, work smarter, not harder I say!
Christine is talking on the phone while carrying computers. Good thing she is really strong!!

Paul is actually you see that?? LOL!
I am going to go over to a friend's house this evening for a costume party. I am sure I will have a few entertaining photos from that to share so stay tuned. Tomorrow I am going to go spend the day with Danelle (when she gets off work) and I am sure we will watch the football game at some point. She said something about making Chillie so...YUMMY!

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