Monday, June 02, 2008

Going Green

You are never going to believe me but here it goes: I'm going green? How? I rode the train to work this morning with the bike then I rode the bike home. The great thing about Denver is that there are bike trails EVERYWHERE! So I don't have to spend much time on major roads and as long as I stick to creekside trails, it is relatively flat so I can handle the ride. I'm not sure the total distance I rode but I will tell you that I am beat!

As I got closer to the house, the clouds above started looking pretty scary. By the time I got home, they had moved to the East and put on quite a show. I shot a video of it so hopefully you can see the movement. There are tornado warnings out to the East right now; I'm not surprised at all!:

I also took a picture on high resolution because the colors were just amazing!

I am sure the ones in the path of this storm would disagree but what an amazing sight!

Okay - I can't sit around and play on my computer any more tonight...and I have to go to Phoenix tomorrow...


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