Sunday, November 11, 2007

That Sucked

Our normal Sunday morning routine during Chiefs season - get up at the crack of dawn, work the gate, go to the game, and watch the Chiefs win. Today was not the normal routine. We woke up late (try waking up to talk radio some doesn't work). Not everyone showed to get their parking passes but we waited for them for way to long. We had to work around the bread people at the gate and we had tons of extra stuff we had to hand out because it was Sprint Day at the stadium. We ended up giving up our spots to the game because there weren't enough tickets to cover the number of workers. We should have known that there was no way the team was going to win today - nothing normal about it. We did at least get to stick around and see the Stealth Bomber fly-over during the National Anthem. I got a photo - you can see the Stealth to the left:

I watched the game from my living room sofa while making some jewelry. Mike listened to the game from the deck of a pontoon boat while he fished. It was aweful. I don't even know the final score; nor do I want to know.

Our next game to work will be the Chargers game December 2. Hopefully we can return to normal...

I just got done cleaning the house and I think I am ready to call it a night.


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