Sunday, October 07, 2007


Chiefs fans - I am embarrassed at the way that you treated the football team today; more specifically, the quarterback. I'm not saying that I am happy about the 20 to 7 beating that the Chiefs took from Jacksonville today. Quite the contrary - too many missed opportunities and a running game that so far has not impressed me. However, the crowd 'boo'd' the team in the second half at almost every opportunity. Damon Huard went down after a hard hit toward the end of the fourth quarter and I only heard a handful of people applaud when he got up and walked off the field. However, the crowd cheered loudly when Croyle took the field shortly after. If the crowd had applauded when Huard got up, I might not be quite so unhappy with the fans today. I'm right there with you in your questioning thoughts about who the quarterback of the team should be; when I saw Croyle get out there and showed the fans a little flare by walking the team down the field and making sure the game did not end in a shut-out at Arrowhead, you bet I was cheering. However, good sportsmanship dictates that an injured player deserves respect when he or she gets up from the field and returns to the sideline - no matter how unhappy you are with his or her performance. C'mon Chiefs fans! Don't be "THAT GUY" and show some common courtesy!

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