Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Story of The Game

I know, I said I would do this a couple of days ago but laziness has prevailed!

We arrived at the stadium so we could do our volunteer work. This particular game, we were going to be putting surveys in all of the cup holders inside of the stadium. With a temperature of over 95 degrees and a heat index of a million degrees, it was a hot one! We got it all done relatively quickly though so we had the opportunity to tail gate for a while.

Mike preparing the grill and the steak!

Me being silly.

Darth Vader is a Chiefs Fan??

We went into the stadium about an hour early; which is not normal for us (we normally miss the kickoff because we are working). We went down to our seats and watch the players stretching and warming up.

Donnie Edwards has return to the Chiefs. He is in the background squatting...

The quarterbacks threw a few right in front of us.

The quarterbacks work on snaps with the centers.

The players run some lines.

The game started and I snapped a few photos of the action. After a while, the starters aren't even playing so it gets a little boring to watch.

Trent Green takes his first snap at Arrowhead in a Dolphins uniform.

Finally, the cheerleaders came out in the second half in the cutest uniforms. I figured I better snap some pictures for the men out there...

We had a great time! We didn't stick around to the very end of the game (as did quite a few people). In fact, we missed the touchdown by Miami that put them in the front.'s just preseason...

I'm going to get started on some homework and housecleaning (no necessarily in that order).


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Eric said...

Thank you for that wonderfull shot of the cheerleaders. I will speak for all the men out there that say MORE PLEASE! Pretty cool.