Thursday, March 03, 2005

How Rude!

I went to Papa Murphey's Pizza this evening to get some dinner (yes...I'm feeling fat now). I was so angry when I left I thought I was going to explode! There were two different checkouts; one for ordering and one for call-in orders. I had called my order in so I stood at that counter. After 1o minutes and watching 3 other people order their pizza, get it and leave, I asked the girl making the pizzas if my pizza was ready. She said I would have to stand in the line for ordering the pizza and they would get it for me. Why on earth would you have two different lines if you have to stand in one. I just couldn't figure out why I would have to call an order in if I have to stand in line to pick it up. I still love the pizza so I won't stop going there but I was really unhappy about the way they did that. I don't recommend calling it in because it won't save you any time.

Okay, now that I am done venting...The OC was a re-run tonight so Mike and I are just working on our laptops while vegetating in the living room. It is suppose to be super nice tomorrow...I wish I hadn't taken Monday off...

Oh well...I'm feeling fat and tired so I think I am going to play a couple of games and head off to bed. C'ya!

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